Bill Harrops Afternoon Air balloon flights

Can you think of anything better than waking up early, boarding a hot air balloon, sailing across the sky for an hour and finishing off with a champagne breakfast?
Try not having to wake up so early and having an entire afternoon to enjoy the experience! Nested in the gorgeous Magalies River Valley, in the Cradle of Human Kind, Bill Harrops Safaris offers just this – a breathtakingly original afternoon flying experience.
You can sleep in and enjoy the start of your day. You can get yourself ready and make sure you don’t forget that camera! Then make your way to the clubhouse/take off point. On arrival, relax and prepare to take the entire flight in, starting with that good old British favourite, tea and sandwiches, while everything gets prepared. No need to hurry, as take off is an hour and a half before that all important sunset. Once everything is in order and ready to go, you are briefed and board the balloon for the hour long flight where you can float peacefully above it all and even catch a glimpse of our amazing African sunset before the dark settles in. After landing you can relax and enjoy endless sundowners at the clubhouse – which is open for as long as you want it to be!
Along with being much more relaxed and friendly, afternoon hot air ballooning is offered at a better rate than in the mornings – definitely the cherry on top if you ask me!
Bill Harrops Safaris are a well established, professional company with valuable experience. They offer afternoon flights between April and September – as those are the best months for afternoon flying. These are winter months in South Africa, so no need to wrestle your body out of bed in the morning cold – book the afternoon flight, it’s worth it!

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