Cheapest Hot Air Balloon Ride in Gauteng

The thrill of hot air ballooning is incomparable to anything you will ever experience and as such doesn’t always come cheap! In fact, hot air balloon rides and high prices sometimes seem inseparable. So if you’re thinking of going on a hot air ballooning adventure that’s as friendly on your pocket as it is to your senses, you had best shop around! Luckily, due to the almost perfect weather conditions we have in Gauteng for hot air balloon rides, there are a wide variety of hot air balloon companies to choose from! So who offers the cheapest hot air balloon ride in Gauteng? Two companies are offering very competitive prices right now.

Action Balloon Flights are a great company that offers very reasonably priced hot air balloon rides over the Magaliesburg Mountain range and The Cradle of Humankind. They are a company that knows the thrill of hot air ballooning should not be limited to a select few; everyone should be able to enjoy this adventure! They work hard to ensure their clients get value for money, and with the prices they’re offering, it’s almost guaranteed! They are offering a ‘weekday silver sunrise special’ for an hour long flight during the week for about R3 790.00 for a couple.

In a class of its own, African Chapter offers scenic flights from a variety of different launch sites in Magaliesburg and the Cradle of Humankind, all less than an hour away from Sandton and Pretoria, which save you the inconvenience and cost of travelling too far away before your adventure begins! Currently they are offering morning flights at very competitive prices. Their flight lasts an hour, you get that essential cup of tea or coffee before the flight and a little bubbly afterwards to celebrate, as well as transfers to and from your vehicle; for a couple, this would come to about R3 530.00. African Chapter is experienced, professional and offer terrific flights in Gauteng, you can find out more information at

However, this industry has its ups and downs, so you should always be on the lookout for specials, depending on when you want to fly, and if you’re willing to be a little flexible, many companies offer great prices in the low season or even when business is just quite. So keep your eyes peeled, there are some great bargains out there!

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