Hot Air Balloon Rides for Couples

Looking for something romantic to do with your partner? Tired of the same old evening of dinner and a movie. Look no further than a romantic hot air balloon ride for two. This is one of those experiences that you should do only for those extremely special occasions, as it is (although not necessarily a once in a lifetime event) something that you will most likely not do too many times, given that it is quite expensive. There are two ways you could go about this. You could go really romantic and arrange a private flight just for the two of you. Not all hot air balloon companies offer this, but a few do. Of course top of the list would be the package from SunFun, called their Executive Ivory Weekend Breakaway. Before we tell you the price, lets look at what you will be getting. A private air balloon flight for the two of you. Two nights accommodation at the Askari Lodge (breakfast and dinner included). An elephant “touch and feed” experience; and finally a game drive. The total cost of this weekend package is R5 099 per person, so this really is for those extra special occasions. Air Ventures hot air ballooning also offer a private exclusive flight for two, but we are not sure of the price, so please contact them for a quote.

Going on a private flight is quite expensive, but you don’t even need to do this to have a romantic air balloon flight for two. Even by going with a group (typically of strangers) you will still have a wonderful experience. Please note, that although there may be up to 12 people on the balloon, you are separated into pairs with sections of the basket, so you are actually pretty private. If you turn away and look only outwards (which you should be doing anyways) it will be as if there is no one else on the balloon but the two of you.

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