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Gauteng is a very popular province for Hot Air Ballooning. I think the main reason for this is that it does not have the beach or large mountains of the Western Cape, but the scenery is just as stunning, albeit different. Most Hot Air Balloon companies that operate in Gauteng do so in game reserves, which gives the passengers an excellent opportunity to observe wildlife without disturbing it. The other great thing about Hot Air Balloon Rides in Gauteng is that it has less wind-issues compared to, for example, the Western Cape, which means that Hot Air Ballooning can happen throughout the year. The most popular areas in Gauteng where Hot Air Balloon Rides happen are Magaliesburg, Pilansburg, and Sun City.
The main hot air balloon companies operating in Gauteng are SunFun, Bill Harrops, Air to Air, and Air Ventures. Each offer their own unique experience, which could include a breakfast, champagne, elephant experience, accommodation etc., as well as prices vary widely. Typically the larger the group you are booking for the cheaper you can get it. However as most people will be booking for a couple, prices seem to vary from R1850 – R2200 per person.

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