Hot Air Balloon Rides Johannesburg

Looking to go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in or around Johannesburg? Well you have come to the right place. Johannesburg surrounds has the most hot air balloon companies out of any other area in South Africa, so you sure have plenty of choices. Although for obvious reasons no hot air balloon flights take place within Johannesburg itself, the flights take off just a short 4min – 1hr drive from the city. Most hot air balloon flights will take place from spots around Magaliesburg, but you can also take off from places by Hartebeespoort Dam, as well as Sun City (which of course is a little further away than the other venues). Trying to choose which air balloon company in Johannesburg to go with depends on a few thing. These include: availability (each hot air balloon can take between 10 – 14 people and only fly once per day, which means they fill up fast. In addition, weather is a major aspect that can affect if the balloon can fly safely, which means that a flight might not necessarily happen every day); price (prices are roughly the same per person, but from time to time different hot air balloon companies have specials and discounts which you can take advantage of); and finally the customer service (you should feel comfortable with the person helping you make the booking and that you are provided with all the required details. Hot air ballooning is quite expensive so you need to ensure you are comfortable handing over your hard-earned money). So, which are the companies that offer Hot air balloon rides in Johannesburg? They are: SunFun, Bill Harrop’s, Air Ventures, and Air to Air Africa. Click on anyone of these links to go to the relevant air balloon company’s webpage on our site and see details and pricing. These are the main hot air balloon companies in Johannesburg, and have been operating for quite some time.

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