Hot Air Balloon Rides KZN

Hot air ballooning in South Africa is an incredible, once in a lifetime adventure that offers a unique glimpse at our magnificent landscape and there is nowhere more majestic than Kwazulu Natal. The Drakensberg climate is excellent for hot air ballooning as it is cool all year through and the invigorating views of endless mountains and valleys are sure to leave you speechless. Hot air ballooning is offered by numerous companies throughout this beautiful region.

Sky Adventures, situated in the heart of Durban, are a highly recommended company with years of experience and they offer a variety of aviation adventures including early morning balloon rides from the Kamberg Valley where you can catch a glimpse of Giant’s Castle. They offer morning flights and you take off just minutes before sunrise for an hour long flight over the Drakensberg Mountains. You are sure of an unforgettable adventure with this company who have built a good name for themselves for providing excellent aviation tours in this region.

African Chapter offers a unique experience with their hot air balloon safari packages over the Game reserve and Battlefields. With a nod to the old days of aviation, they offer an experience unlike many others you can find today. That, coupled with the beauty that surrounds them makes for an unforgettable adventure. African Chapter pride themselves on offering a high standard of service to their clients.

Another reputable company that offers flights in Kwazulu Natal is Hot Air Ballooning SA. They offer dawn flights with breakfast included as well as accommodation packages at competitive prices you won’t want to miss. If you want value for money, they make an excellent choice. Their website is:

Whoever you choose to fly with in Kwazulu Natal, you are sure of one thing; hot air ballooning over this region you are sure to witness some of the most majestic landscapes imaginable!

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