Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloons have been around for decades, however I think using the word prolific is a little over the top. It has always been expensive to go on Hot Air Balloon Rides, and even today it is still quite a pricy option for an experience. However that is the perfect way to look at it, that is, as an experience. It is not something you are going to do everyday. It is not a means of transport, a way of getting from A to B. Instead it is an experience, and for some people, a once in a lifetime experience. You need to look at it in the same way you would look at shark cage diving, race car driving, bungee jumping and sky diving. It is one of those experiences that will stay with you for ever. The great thing about Hot Air Balloon Rides is that they are an intimate, more relaxing alternative to those other experiences. Going on a Hot air balloon ride lets you slow down and enjoy the view and experience with someone, or a group of people, who you love (or if it’s a corporate function, just like). You can talk to each other, take pictures, ask questions of the pilot, or just quietly enjoy the ride. A typical hot air balloon ride can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1hr, and depends almost entirely on the weather. Wind is extremely important in a hot air balloon ride, with most pilots stating that the wind chooses the direction, they just need to be able to work with it. Think of the wind as multiple flowing streams of water in the sky, each flowing in slightly different directions and at different speeds. The pilot needs to navigate to the correct “stream” to ensure direction and safety of the passengers, as well as to maintain altitude.

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