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Fly Balloon is a hidden treasure – right in the heart of Haartbeesport, renowned as one of the best places to indulge in this luxurious pastime. This professional, fully licensed company offers a one of a kind experience in a hot air balloon flown by experienced pilots who will take you for an adventure over the vast surrounding landscape. If you want to ride in a hot air balloon, you’ll want to find a beautiful location and a respectable company you feel comfortable flying with. Fly Balloon is a good combination of both! They pride themselves on maintaining unscrupulous standards of hospitality and safety and the beauty of their location is overwhelming. A quick look at their photo gallery will convince even the most doubtful of this!
Many companies offer great locations and a great flight, so what makes Fly Balloon any different? Fly Balloon doesn’t just offer a hot air ballooning experience – they are literally the whole package – not just somewhere to fly, but somewhere to land too! In addition to their unforgettable flights, the company offers enticing lodge packages – tranquil accommodation where you can relax and dream about your balloon experience. This established company strives to ensure that all guests are treated with as much individual care and attention as possible, in order to make the entire experience is one you will never forget. You can sit back and enjoy being treated like royalty before and after your flight. And if you don’t want to go it alone, they also offer great rates for groups – bring the whole family and make the memory together!
The combination of their wide variety of packages, location and quality of service make Fly Balloon an outstanding member in the industry that can offer a unique experience to the adventurous client seeking both comfort and style.