What to expect on a hot air balloon ride

Hot air ballooning is renowned as one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and with good reason! Having won the hearts of millions with its unique combination of childish adventure and a touch of old world charm, hot air ballooning is the oldest form of flight technology and it offers an experience unrivaled by any other form of transport available. So just what can one expect when embarking on a hot air balloon ride?
Much like any escapade, you won’t always know exactly what to expect, and as there are many different hot air ballooning companies, one can never be sure of everything that lies ahead, but there are a few things that most companies are sure to include.

Firstly, upon your arrival at the take off point, the pilot and crew should be preparing for take-off; going through pre-flight checks, securing all cables and ensuring all is in order for a safe and enjoyable flight. You can take this time to prepare yourself too – above all, make sure you have your camera with you! The anticipation of take-off is usually accompanied by a complimentary cup of tea or coffee – a welcome ally against the chill of the early morning! Upon the assurance that everything is in order and that you are ready for take-off, the pilot will call the passengers to begin boarding. You may notice at this point, that your heart has begun its own preparations, and may start to suspect that a few butterflies have taken up residence somewhere in the vicinity of your tummy.

Not long after boarding, you will begin the ascent. As you begin climbing at a steady rate, every second offers a fresh glimpse at the expanding landscape beneath you. Nothing but silent serenity and the sporadic burst of the burner will accompany the unprecedented views. Passengers often describe an awe-inspiring sensation of humility at the sheer vastness of our beautiful world that you grasp from this perspective. To see the world like this is indeed a privilege.
The flight will usually last an hour, but will probably seem like mere minutes, and is likely to end much sooner than you want it to. It may be some comfort then, to know that upon landing, your package may include a luxurious champagne breakfast in a cosy restaurant where you and your fellow passengers can reminisce about your shared experience. Landing should not take too long, and with an experienced pilot should feel smooth and seamless. Although the adventure is over now, the memory of it will live on forever!

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